I've been told by others that they see me as a very tolerant human. I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm unsure if I agree.

Your sexuality, your souls gender, your lifestyle, your race, your life choices, your art, your passions, your youness, these are things that I am usually curious to know more about, things that I accept even if I don't fully understand, and often I love you more for them. As it should be. I do not tolerate these things, because they don't take the strain of toleration. This is apprecition.

Assholes bore me. And being an asshole is learned behavior. I do not tolerate bigotry, rudeness, consciously gossiping, or overtly hurtful behavior. I understand that it comes from a wounded place, I sympathize, but I do not tolerate it.

We live and love in the budding age of accountability, and very few of us can feign ignorance as an excuse for general assholery.

So yeah, with respect, I would say that I am not a actually a particularly tollerant person at all.

And I'm okay with that.

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